Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sounding The Bells

The 7" split with FUNERAL CIRCLE is officially available for download/purchase. Please direct yourself to our bandcamp page to give it a listen and even a purchase should you feel so inclined. Please note that the $1 download only entitles you to the Gatekeeper side of the split. It features lyrics on the back sleeve and artwork by Karmazid on the front. Mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk, who has worked with Inquisition, Power Trip and Crypt Sermon recently.

This is a special one for us, as Funeral Circle has been friends of Gatekeeper since the early, early stages of the band. Without the initial support from Matt Barzegar and J.P. Abboud, Gatekeeper may not have gotten to where we are now. In addition, this is the first-ever domestic release for both bands. War On Music Records teamed up with Hard And Heavy to produce these records so we're very excited to give our North American brethren an easier grab.

There are a few other cool plans in the pipeline so keep checking the blog and the Facebook page for updates.

Ale and Kill,

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