Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Welcome to the Hall

This is going to be the primary page for updates, information and other medias regarding Gatekeeper for the time being. Myspace will serve as a music player so you folks can hear the various songs, samples and other aural abberations that I'll be putting for public review.

For the uninitiated, Gatekeeper is an epic heavy/doom metal band hailing from western Canada. The earliest riffs and songs were written back in late 2009, but the band wasn't officially created until late 2010, and the first releases/live shows will take place sometime in 2011, when the stars align and gods permit.

The Gatekeeper lineup currently consists of Lord Black, who plays all the guitars, bass and programs the drums that you hear on the samples. Various session musicians have been recruited for recordings and the live lineup is being finalized, stay tuned for real drums, guitar solos and vocalizing on further recordings.

Until then, feel free to indulge in the rough demos featured at the bottom of the page, as well as the following visual atrocity gathered from the insidious network of Youtubes. Keep your steel sharp and your wits sharper.

- Lord Black