Friday, 1 April 2016

The Shadow Retracts

Our Shadow Over Cascadia mini-tour was an absolute roaring success. We at Gatekeeper would like to take a moment thank everyone who came out to The Astoria on a Wednesday night and the bar staff for hosting us. Special thanks to The Ash Street Saloon in Portland for their warm welcome and of course the Highline in Seattle for being one of the best venues in the PNW.

Massive thanks to Max and Amy and the rest of the Substratum crew for letting us crash, use their gear and for helping us land the Satan opening slot, you guys are incredible. Massive thanks to Cam from Spell for helping us out in a real bind when we got back to Canada, and a huge standing ovation to Wes Craven from Heavy Metal Eyes for sending us the initial invitation that started all the madness back in December. Another huge shoutout to the other great bands we shared the stage with such as Elysium Echoes, Road Rash, Time Rift, Skelator, Nox Velum and SATAN!

Rest assured Cascadia, we will return...