Thursday, 30 August 2012

September 14th, Striker Strikes!

Gatekeeper has accepted an opening spot at the CD release party for Edmonton's premier heavy metal act, Striker, happening at the Pawn Shop, September 14th. We hadn't planned on taking anymore shows until the EP release, but a show with Striker is not to be missed so we will be there with a few guitars, some drums and a few too many pints. Attendance is mandatory, no advance tickets from bands. We'll have a full stock of merch, including patches, shirts, buttons, stickers and demo CDs.

Wastebook event

Also in attendance will be Untimely Demise, Saskatoon's finest cultural export in heavy metal. Much respect for these thrashing three-piecers. Check out one of my personal favorites...

We have only  one guitar solo yet to be completed, plus a couple noodly acoustic passages and then the recording is a wrap.