Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Auxiliaries, Accomplices and Men of Action

    Here we are again with yet another late update from the front. The recording process is slow these days due to personal lives, work, school and other bands but rest assured that we are making every effort to finish Prophecy & Judgement before the end of 2011. However, we have found some spare time with which to rehearse as a full band and it's excellent to see the songs take shape in a live environment. Speaking of "full band", I think it's high time to put some faces to the names mentioned in the previous post.

Tyson Travnik, Skin-basher & Button-pusher

Shorre McColman, pipes & other delights

Cody Lloyd, string-burner & lead axeman

Leillyn McColman, templar of low-frequencies

Obscure rehearsal clips and news about the release and much, much more to follow in future transmissions. Until then, may the stars light your way and guide your travels.

- Black