Saturday, 15 December 2012

Torment in Fire II

Gatekeeper is proud to announce that their first Calgary assault will take place at TORMENT IN FIRE II. This event will also mark the Calgary release celebration of the long-awaited EP, "Prophecy & Judgement" released in collaberation with Aforja Productions and Deathrider Records. We are looking forward to sharing the stage with such luminaries as FUNERAL CIRCLE, GATEKRASHOR, HROM, MYSTIFIER, PILEDRIVER, BARBADOS, BEGRIME EXEMIOUS, DIRE OMEN, and many, many others. We will have "Prophecy & Judgement" available for purchase at this event.
 Torment in Fire will take place at Dicken Pub, Calgary from April 4th - 6th, 3-day passes at $55 and they are going fast!
 The Torment in Fire website will be up soon, but if you have Facebook you can get the details here.
Torment in Fire Wastebook

Friday, 7 December 2012

Gatekeeper on Wax

It is our absolute pleasure to announce that DEATHRIDER RECORDS will be immortalizing the GATEKEEPER debut “Prophecy & Judgement” on wax. Death Rider Records has a huge standing in the current true metal scene, bringing you the mighty Keep it True, Hammer of Doom and Metal Assault festivals, in addition to some great releases by bands such as Satan, Valkyrie, Altered State and Eliminator. Being invited to join the greatest family in heavy metal is an honour, and we of GATEKEEPER are beyond excited for this opportunity.

Cheers for the constant support,
- Jeff, Tyson, Shorre, Leillyn & Justin

Band photo by Grimm's Photography

Upon further questioning, DEATHRIDER RECORDS had this to say:

           "Death Rider Records is proud to announce the signing of Canadian epic metal hopefuls GATEKEEPER for the vinyl release of their first official EP called “Prophecy & Judgement”. It will feature 30 Minutes of crushing Epic Metal with beautiful melodies and atmosphere. It will be released directly at Keep It True Festival 2013 on April 19th 2013 with a gatefold cover. Do not miss one of the greatest newcomers since Atlantean Kodex."
Heiko and Oliver from Deathrider Records
Obviously, there's not a whole lot left to say on this subject. The EP will (finally) be released on April 19th 2013 at the illustrious KEEP IT TRUE festival in Germany, the perfect place for an epic metal grand opening. My only regret is that GATEKEEPER will not be at KIT to play live for the release. However, you can be sure that we will see the shores of Europa soon afterwards.

Of course, the CD release is still being handled by our brother Francisco at AFORJA Records in Portugal. We are currently working on the layouts in addition to some final mixing touches and everything and sounding marvelous. We will probably be offering some sort of preorder service in the coming months, but more info on that later.

Feast your ears on the teaser below, we will upload a full song very shortly...

Monday, 29 October 2012

Gang's all Here

I am pleased to report that on Sunday, October 28th, Gatekeeper completed the recording of our debut EP, Prophecy & Judgement. We had a great final session in the studio doing gang vocals and choir chants, over 10 people showed up to help us lay it all down and those parts are sounding totally killer. Cheers to the guys from Mongol and Ironstorm for coming down to help out and bringing a crowd with them. Below are a few photos from the session. We will spend the next couple of weeks mixing and then it's off to Rosenquarz studio (WARNING, ISEN TORR, PAGAN ALTAR, REVELATION, etc) for mastering. If everything goes smoothly the EP will be released before the end of the year, but as always, it'll be done when it's done. Thanks for sticking with us.

Shorre oversees the rabble
I don't know where we find these nuts, but we love 'em. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Swan Road Sagas

Thanks to all who attended our last perform on September 14th when we opened for Striker, we had a grand old time as per usual, and Untimely Demise from Saskatchewan were simply lethal as well, killer power trio! and we would like to extend a huge amount of gratitude for Oskar Jankovic (Samandriel) for playing lead guitar that night, our usual comrade Justin wasn't available. Below you can see an assortment of photographs from our set, taken by the lovely Lindsay Grimm. Please give her page some traffic: Grimms Photography

As if that weren't enough, we also uncovered a live recording from the evening. Swan Road Saga, which will be featured on our upcoming debut EP. Until then, revel in the glory and steel.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

September 14th, Striker Strikes!

Gatekeeper has accepted an opening spot at the CD release party for Edmonton's premier heavy metal act, Striker, happening at the Pawn Shop, September 14th. We hadn't planned on taking anymore shows until the EP release, but a show with Striker is not to be missed so we will be there with a few guitars, some drums and a few too many pints. Attendance is mandatory, no advance tickets from bands. We'll have a full stock of merch, including patches, shirts, buttons, stickers and demo CDs.

Wastebook event

Also in attendance will be Untimely Demise, Saskatoon's finest cultural export in heavy metal. Much respect for these thrashing three-piecers. Check out one of my personal favorites...

We have only  one guitar solo yet to be completed, plus a couple noodly acoustic passages and then the recording is a wrap.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Order, Order!

Thanks to all for coming out to the gig last night, we had a blast and it was great to see so many familiar faces out there banging their manes. Special thanks to the blokes from Striker for the heckling and the impromptu backing vocals during our Saxon cover, t'was a beautiful moment. I'd post some video footage from the show, but I'm about to go get wasted at Iron Maiden, so you bastards can sit tight!

Also, we've got a slew of merchandise available for purchase. Send an email to gatekeeper(at) if you want to order something, shipping is extra.

Embroidered Wolf Patch, $5

DIY Crusader patch, $5 *LIMITED*

DIY Angelus Shirt, $15 *LIMITED*

Antiquis Shirt (Front) $20
Antiquis Shirt (Back)
White Wolf shirt (+ sleeve print) $15

Get a free sticker with each order

Send all Orders to gatekeeper(at)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Thus passes the solstice

Thanks to all who attended the gig at Pawn Shop, June 21st. It was good to see some familiar faces and some new friends out on a thursday night to witness the crushing doom metal assaults of ourselves, Ancients and Black Wizard. Massive thanks for the latter two bands for coming to our doomed city all the way from the west coast, do them a favour and give them some traffic.

The next live invasion shall take place on thursday, July 26th at the Pawn Shop once again. This time we will be supporting Into Eternity from Regina, featuring some Edmonton musicians. Gatekeeper has been given a direct support slot, so we will crush the opposition directly before Into Eternity hits the stage. This gig is the day before Iron Maiden storms Edmonton, so come and get warmed up for that.

Please note that this will most likely be the last Gatekeeper assault until the EP is ready for release, so don't miss your chance to see us before our merch booth gets tangled in material.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Shadow Over Edmonton

            Gatekeeper is proud and announce that we will be making our Edmonton debut on Thursday, June 21st at the illustrious Pawn Shop. We will be supporting our British Columbian brethren Black Wizard and Ancients. By our powers combined we will bring one of the heaviest, pure and orthodox metal gigs to ever grace our dire city. Come and give your livers a warm-up before the weekend, good and proper. Bring your anvils, tempos will be sub-zero.

Faecesbook link for those who give a shit.

We will also be performing at Avenue Theater in Edmonton Wednesday, June 27th in support of a few death metal neophytes from Winnipeg. More details to follow.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The dust settles

Cheers to all who attended the Devonian metal assault on Sunday night to witness the pummeling of poseurs at the Legion. Frappacinos were dashed to the floor, ironic t-shirts were torn asunder, and flippy emo haircuts were noogied into submission. Thanks to Fuzzkick for starting the evening off with a twang, and to Rude Geeks to bringing in a blast of needed energy to the gig. Mega thanks to Mongol for inspiring the kids to play leap-frog on the floor and for renting the hall. Special thanks to Tyson and Dilan for running sound and recording everyone's sets that evening. Super Special Thanks to all the Devonians and people from Edmonton that showed up and had their faces rocked. Below are some shitty pictures I found on my camera after the show. If anyone has any photographs or video, please forward them to us at gatekeeper(at)live(dot)ca

Over and Out.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Shadow over Devon - details

For those wishing to travel in for this gig, it is being held in Devon, Alberta. Devon is about 15-20 minutes South-West of Edmonton, very easy to find. This show will be ALL AGES so bring your young, impressionable children so that we may brainwash them into following our heavy metal hymns until their dying steps. First band starts at 7:00pm, Gatekeeper will likely play at 9:00pm. Sunday evening early show.

Come get your skull crushed. Accept no substitutes.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Shadow Over Devon

Gatekeeper will take to the stage for the first time ever to perform a short set on Sunday, May 27th at the Devon Legion Hall. The event is connected with the "Devon Days" festival, and will be all-ages. More details on set times and other bands to follow. Don't miss this Devonian heavy metal assault, it will be historical.


Sunday, 29 April 2012

No news, just John Arch

If there is a god, he was onstage in Germany last night.

Big updates coming very soon. Stay tuned.

- Black

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Father of Loud

And may he rest in peace.
A man whose legacy extends beyond bands and musicians.
If anyone reading this has a gig or jam session this weekend, 
crank it up to 11 in his honour.

You know we will.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Over the Mountain

Welcome back. It brings me much pleasure to inform you that we've been making lots of progress in the past couple weeks. Leads guitars for the release are completed, and all that's left is a bass track, a couple vocal layers, acoustic guitars and the odd touch-up here and there. Completed by March? One may hopeth.

Bigger news still, I can now unveil the artwork for Prophecy and Judgement. Behold:

This piece was rendered by the astonishingly brilliant hand of Ralph L. Torres, many thanks to him for bringing our ideas to life on the page. Click the thumbnail to zoom in.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Forged in Fire

Welcome back. Many apologies for the long delay between posts and updates. Real life, personal struggles, work, vacations, holidays and other such things stand in our way toward complete and utter epic metal domination. Thanks for the patience. Enough of that, onto the news! Some rather titillating things in store for you all

Firstly, I have some exceedingly exciting news. Gatekeeper's debut release, the Prophecy & Judgement EP will be released by The Forge (Aforja) Records, based out of Portugal on CD format! The deal was inked a few weeks ago, and we've been itching to spill the beans. The Forge has worked on some incredible live and studio releases in heavy metal from bands such as Solstice, Atlantean Kodex, Midnight Priest, and Eliminator and it will be a honour to be working with such a fine organization. Please take a moment to check out their site.

Secondly, the recording in progressing smoothly, albeit at a snails pace for the moment. Gatekeeper is currently a side-project for it's members, we all have other bands, full-time jobs and/or school to keep up with so the holiday season took it's toll on our work pace. However, things are looking up. Almost all of the bass tracks are complete, as well as rhythm guitars. Drums are also totally complete. All that's left are guitar solos, a few vocal layers, and some acoustic guitars to shine the whole thing up. More studio footage to follow.

Third, we have artwork for the release. It is a glorious, 12"x24" pen and ink drawing of an ancient greek ruins, portraying the fabled oracle of Delphi. The piece was rendered by the illustrious hand of Ralph L. Torres, whose previous work may be seen on albums by Iron Age and Green and Wood. I currently have the piece in my possession, but I need to get it scanned properly, as mere photos don't do it justice. I will post the artwork as soon as I am able.

Lastly, a run of limited edition Gatekeeper shirts have left the press! An extremely short, super special edition. Limited to a single shirt, in fact. This fine fabric piece was printed and is being worn by none other than Sir Mario Weiss, who some of you may know as the drummer for Bavarian Regressive Metal Stalwarts, Atlantean Kodex. You can witness his handiwork at the bottom of this post. Mario and the good fellows from the 'Kodex have been supporting Gatekeeper since the beginning, so if you're not already a fan of the band then please direct your attention to their website.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more.