Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The dust settles

Cheers to all who attended the Devonian metal assault on Sunday night to witness the pummeling of poseurs at the Legion. Frappacinos were dashed to the floor, ironic t-shirts were torn asunder, and flippy emo haircuts were noogied into submission. Thanks to Fuzzkick for starting the evening off with a twang, and to Rude Geeks to bringing in a blast of needed energy to the gig. Mega thanks to Mongol for inspiring the kids to play leap-frog on the floor and for renting the hall. Special thanks to Tyson and Dilan for running sound and recording everyone's sets that evening. Super Special Thanks to all the Devonians and people from Edmonton that showed up and had their faces rocked. Below are some shitty pictures I found on my camera after the show. If anyone has any photographs or video, please forward them to us at gatekeeper(at)live(dot)ca

Over and Out.

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