Monday, 26 August 2013

Labour day Studio Sessions

On Friday, August 30th Gatekeeper will enter the studio to record new music for a follow-up release. Three songs shall be recorded, they are called "Vigilance of the Guardian", "Angelus Noctium" and "The Bell of Tarantia". The upcoming tracks will be a different side of Gatekeeper, but pure Epic Heavy Metal from start to finish. Fans of "Prophecy & Judgement" will be pleasantly surprised. Folks who didn't like our debut probably will be as well. We are planning on using these tracks on a split release with another fine Epic Metal band from recent years. More details on that later.

Stay tuned for updates from the studio, as well as updates on the progress of our upcoming live album "A Shadow Over Calgarae" from Swords and Chains Records. Preorders shall start very soon.

Until then.

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