Sunday, 3 February 2013

Gone Campin'

With the near-imminent release of Prophecy & Judgement, we have decided to start up one of those fancy Bandcamp pages for Gatekeeper's music. We currently have two tracks available for streaming (North Wolves + Tale of Twins) from the upcoming release, now fully mastered by Rosenquarz Studio in Germany. We will continue to update the Bandcamp page with our available merchandise, and you will be able to purchase goods both physical and digital before long.

As for the release, things are finally coming to a close. The masters are completed and en-route to our brothers at Aforja Productions and Deathrider Records and will be promptly sent to press. We will update further once the physical release reaches our grubby mitts.

In other news, we are preparing for our Calgarian onslaught at Torment in Fire Festival. Our guitarist Jeff Black was able to chat a chat with the kind folks at Beatroute Magazine to discuss the upcoming appearance, and about the band in general. We will be performing on Saturday, April 6th.

Show no quarter, for you shall be granted none.

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